Yield to Call

Is the yield on a bond assuming the bond is redeemed by the bond issuer at the first call date. Yield to call differs from yield to maturity in that yield to call uses a bond's call date as the final maturity date (most often, the first call date). Conservative investors calculate both a bond's yield to call and yield to maturity, selecting the lower of the two as a measure of potential return. Like yield to maturity, yield to call calculates a potential return: it assumes that interest income on a particular bond is reinvested at its yield to call rate; that the bond is held to the call date; and that the bond is called.

Investing in wiseAlpha Notes involves risks including potential illiquidity and loss of investment. Our Notes are not deposit based or capital protected and are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.The interest rate on our products is not comparable to that of a bank savings account. See Risk Statement.

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