Is there a minimum investment amount to open an account or a maximum investment amount?

Investors must transfer at least £100 initially into their account. WiseAlpha reserves the right to change the minimum balance requirements on new member accounts in the future. The maximum amount an account can be funded with is £10,000,000 without prior consent, either initially or with a subsequent addition of funds to the account. Investors must also invest a minimum of £100 in any single wiseAlpha Note. This means that an investment of £1,000 would allow an investor to diversify across as many as 10 different Notes. The size of a single investment in any wiseAlpha Note is not capped subject to the £10,000,000 account maximum or prior consent to exceed the account maximum. Larger investment sizes in any single Note are subject to availability and size. 

Investing in wiseAlpha Notes involves risks including potential illiquidity and loss of investment. Our Notes are not deposit based or capital protected and are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.The interest rate on our products is not comparable to that of a bank savings account. See Risk Statement.

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