What are the requirements to become an investor?

Identification and Verification

Individual investors must be at least 18 years old, had their identity successfully verified by WiseAlpha and have completed the member questionnaire.

Family trusts, companies and other organizations will need to contact us at corporate@wisealpha.com or investing@wisealpha.com for identity verification purposes in order to become investors.

Account and Investment Minimums

Investors must transfer at least £100 initially into their account.* WiseAlpha reserves the right to change the minimum balance requirements on new member accounts in the future. 

Investors must also invest a minimum of £100 in any single WiseAlpha Note. This means that an investment of £1,000 would allow an investor to diversify across as many as 10 different Notes.

Different Account Types

WiseAlpha offers a variety of account types to meet your investing needs. We offer individual accounts, corporate accounts, and custodial/minor accounts. Open an account today.

Flexible Investing Styles

The WiseAlpha platform allows members to choose their own investing style. Investors can actively manage their investments and browse the Notes listed on our platform and place orders manually. 

Alternatively, investors can choose to utilise the WisePortfolio tool in constructing their portfolio.

Large corporate account holders (subject to professional client categorisation and a minimum investment size) may seek our assistance in building a bespoke portfolio of investments and we can advise them accordingly. 

Investment Duration

Given the absence of an active secondary market for the Notes at present investors should be prepared to hold their investment to maturity. Currently the Notes have maturities of between 3 and 10 years.

* Minimum account sizes may apply for other types of accounts such as corporate accounts.


Capital at risk. No FSCS cover. See Risk Statement.