What is the process of ‘investing’?

1. Open an account and deposit funds.

First open an account at wiseAlpha.com. Whether you want to invest as an individual or through a corporate account we offer an account type to fit your needs. It is easy to deposit money to your wiseAlpha account through a linked bank account. Choose the direct debit option to deposit on a monthly basis and build your investment.

2. Build your portfolio.

Go to our Invest page where you can see all Notes that are available to invest in. You can buy an individual Note subject to an initial minimum purchase of £100. 

There are several ways to build a portfolio. You can either manually review and select Notes directly from the Invest page and build your portfolio Note by Note or you can choose to use our wisePortfolio tool to help you build a portfolio. You can make changes to the Notes you are ordering at any time or cancel the wisePortfolio order tool at any time.

The Invest page will from time to time include Notes that are in the Initial Offer phase which is the first time they have been listed on the platform. These investments will typically take orders on a book-building basis and members will be notified when the investment is ready to fund. Please see What is an Initial Offering?

3. Receive regular payments of principal and interest.

WiseAlpha Limited makes principal and interest payments to investors for the Notes they hold as borrowers make payments on their loans or bonds (usually every 3 or 6 months). Your portion of each borrower payment net of wiseAlpha’s Services Fee is credited to your account as it is received by wiseAlpha Limited. Members that hold Notes which reference multiple loans may receive multiple borrower payments on any given day.

4. Reinvest or withdraw funds.

You can reinvest the cash you receive from interest payments using our WisePortfolio tool or by manually placing orders for new Notes. You may withdraw your available cash at any time via your linked bank account.

The information presented here is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice, guidance, or a guarantee of the performance of any Note or portfolio.

Capital at risk. No FSCS cover. See Risk Statement.