I placed an order for a Note and some or all of my money was returned to my account as cash. Why?

When you place an order for a set of Notes, occasionally one or more of the underlying loans or bonds will not ultimately be acquired. A Note order might not be completed for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • The underlying loan or bond may no longer be available to acquire;
  • Not enough funding was achieved in order to acquire the underlying loan or bond and issue the corresponding Note;
  • The wiseAlpha team may decide to remove the Note listing due to an adverse change in the borrower’s circumstances;
  • Not enough of the underlying loan or bond was available to satisfy all orders made by members and so a pro rata amount of your order was filled.

If an underlying loan or bond is not acquired, the cash you committed to that Note will become available to you in your account balance to commit to other Notes. For real-time updates on your orders, please view your order history.

Investing in wiseAlpha Notes involves risks including potential illiquidity and loss of investment. Our Notes are not deposit based or capital protected and are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.The interest rate on our products is not comparable to that of a bank savings account. See Risk Statement.

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