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Where can I review the performance of my investments ?
Where can I review the performance of my investments ?
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Accounts gives you an overview of all your investment accounts

Click 'View account' to enter an account page

There you will see the following information -- 

  • Wallet: is cash that you can use to make further investments or withdraw out of WiseAlpha into your bank account. Pending refers to interest payments that you earned and are in progress from the company's agent bank to WiseAlpha.

  • Portfolio Value: is the estimated value of your account if you were to sell all your investments on our Secondary Market. This estimate includes Interest Earned and the Price Gain/Loss of your investments, but does not include the Sales Fees that are due for selling on our Secondary Market.

  • Gain/Loss: is the difference between the Portfolio Value and cost of your investments, inclusive of any cash payments and paid fees. Although Fractional Bonds can move up or down in price, companies' promise to pay back bondholders in full by each bond's maturity date is unchanged. This way Gain/Loss can fluctuate until investments are paid back or sold. 

  • Interest Earned: is interest earned by investments since you bought them. It includes interest that has been earned and paid (Paid) as well as interest that has not yet been paid (Accrued). This figure is net of paid Service Fees.

  • Projected Annual Interest: is interest your account is expected to earn in the upcoming year. This projection is gross of any Service Fees.

Ticking Show Lifetime Reporting changes the Gain/Loss and Interest Earned calculations so they include all investments: those you currently hold and those you held in the past.

We also provide a table showing the Portfolio Value, Gain/Loss, and Interest Earned for each investment currently held in the account. Clicking on a column sorts the investments by that measure.

The Reports drop-down includes:

  • Portfolio Value report: spreadsheet showing the Portfolio Value for each of your current investments as well as its characteristic information including Coupon, Next Payment Date, Maturity Date, and Rating.

  • Gain/Loss report: spreadsheet showing the Portfolio Value, Gain/Loss, Interest Earned and other measures for all of your current and closed investments since the account was opened.

  • Tax report: PDF with the necessary information for filling out your tax forms.

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