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What is the corporate structure?
What is the corporate structure?
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WiseAlpha Technologies Limited

WiseAlpha Technologies Limited licenses the platform technology to WiseAlpha plc to assist the latter in carrying out its roles and functions.

WiseAlpha Technologies Limited is responsible for:

  • promoting the WiseAlpha platform

  • arranging transactions in the Fractional Bonds

  • transmitting clients' orders to WiseAlpha plc

  • general management and upgrading of the platform technology

  • providing customer service to clients who invest on the WiseAlpha platform but not advice

WiseAlpha Technologies Limited (FRN: 751087) is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. WiseAlpha Technologies Limited is a company registered in England, with its registered office at Level 39, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB (Company No. 08967521).

WiseAlpha plc

WiseAlpha plc is a separate legal entity to WiseAlpha Technologies Limited and is domiciled in the Republic of Ireland. The company's registered address is 12 Merrion Square, Dublin 2, D02 H798, Ireland (Company No.650450). The company is an charitable orphan trust with the shares held in trust by IQ-EQ Nominees.

  • This company acts as the counter-party (Issuer) to clients when they subscribe for and invest in WiseAlpha Fractional Bonds

  • Each Fractional Bond issued by WiseAlpha plc is backed by a specific corporate bond with the key economic terms from the underlying bond fully passed through

  • WiseAlpha plc purchases and holds the corporate bonds and other investments on the terms outlined in the Investor Agreement.

  • WiseAlpha distributes to clients their pro rata portion of the principal and interest payments, if any, that WiseAlpha receives from borrowers on the corresponding corporate bonds, net of its Tiered Annual Service Fee.

  • In the event of either i) a renegotiation of the credit agreement between the borrower of the underlying bond and its lenders, ii) a default or iii) a restructuring of the underlying bond, WiseAlpha plc provides its input or vote (where applicable) into discussions with the borrower in order to protect the economic value of the amount of bond which backs the Fractional Bonds. WiseAlpha clients are updated as to the status of any of these events and the impact, if any this has on the value of the Fractional Bonds they hold. For further information please see the voting policy contained in the Pricing, Voting and Conflicts of Interest Policy

  • You should be aware that the Fractional Bonds are not savings products. The interest payments and capital repayments on the Fractional Bonds. are not guaranteed or insured. Your capital is at risk of loss.

The two “WiseAlpha” entities (while co-branded) are legally separate and independent and only WiseAlpha Technologies is regulated for the associated activities it conducts.

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