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What is WiseAlpha offering as an investment?
What is WiseAlpha offering as an investment?
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WiseAlpha clients can invest in well known British brand name companies via our Fractional Bonds, thus accessing one of the most attractive mainstream asset classes.

Our clients can select the investments themselves or use our Robowise automated investment service which diversifies their money across different Fractional Bonds on the market and gives them the choice of two income and risk based portfolios: Balanced or Adventurous.

Fractional Bonds are issued by WiseAlpha plc (Ireland), which is designed to be a bankruptcy remote special purpose passthrough vehicle. WiseAlpha Technologies Limited (UK) promotes and arranges the purchase of Fractional Bonds and other WiseAlpha Products. Only WiseAlpha Technologies is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN:751087).

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