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How does the Robowise algorithm work?
How does the Robowise algorithm work?
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Depending on which portfolio you select (either balanced or adventurous) Robowise will calculate the amount per investment based on an even spread of money per investment from the amount you deposit into your account. If you are an existing user who already has a portfolio, the algorithm will use the total value of your current portfolio and un-invested cash to determine the amounts per investment.

All of the different investments selected for the Balanced & Adventurous portfolios (unless certain investments are deselected by you) will be used to calculate your ideal amount per investment. The minimum ideal amount per investment is £10 and the minimum portfolio size is £100.

For the balanced portfolio these will be a pro rata split across a selection of our Fractional Bonds tilted towards our market’s lower yielding bonds. For the adventurous portfolio the weighting of your money will be split equally across all of our Fractional Bonds, with a tilt towards our market’s higher yielding bonds.

If not all of the investments listed on the market are available to invest in, your money will still be fully invested in the ones that are available until such time as more of the unavailable investments come onto the market. In addition, as new investments come onto the market, Robowise will automatically rebalance your portfolio to include them.

1% Annual Service Fee is taken based on all amounts invested and taken only when interest payments are made.

A 0.25% Sale Fee is taken only when you want to liquidate all or part of your portfolio. Transactions (buying and selling) employed by Robowise in order to diversify and maintain your portfolio do not incur Sales Fees.

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