How do I access my money ?
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Clients wishing to sell their Fractional Bonds prior to their maturity dates can do so by creating a sell order on the Market page or relevant product page.

The WiseAlpha secondary market allows Fractional Bondholders to put (sell) the Fractional Bonds in whole or part back to the Issuer, WiseAlpha PLC. The Issuer is not obliged to accept the Fractional Bonds put back to it and will only do so where it can issue corresponding Fractional Bonds (in relation to the same series and underlying Investment Contract) to another member who has indicated their willingness to subscribe for the new issue of those corresponding Fractional Bonds.

Please note:

- You can sell your Fractional Bonds at a 0.25% discount (Sale Fee) to the prevailing market price unless stated otherwise;

- Liquidity will be dependent on there being an available and willing buyer at the market price. You will receive your cash in your account once another client has purchased a new Fractional Bond equivalent to the Fractional Bond you are selling.

To date everyone who has wanted to sell their investments has been able to do so. However, liquidity is not guaranteed.

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