WiseAlpha clients can sell their Fractional Bonds at the price set on the Market.

You can choose how much of the principal amount of each Fractional Bond you want to sell. The amount you will receive is the Sale price x par value of the Fractional Bonds you hold plus accrued interest and net of our 0.25% Sale Fee. For example if the sale price is 99 and you hold £10,000 of Fractional Bond then what you will receive is 99% of £10,000 which is £9,900 minus the 0.25% Sale Fee which is £9,875.25. Any accrued interest is added to this sum.

This means that if a Fractional Bond is sold midway through a month, all the interest that has been accrued up until that day but not yet paid to you will be included in the sale price so you don’t lose out.

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